VCP 303H Vicryl 5 0 Ethicon 70cm 1/2c RB-1 Absorbable Cakramas Benang Ethicon Supplier

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Vicryl 5 0 VCP Braided Antibacterial Polyglactin 910


Benang bedah Coated Vicryl 5 0 VCP303H (polyglactin 910) Ethicon bersifat Mudah Terserap, benang operasi synthetic braided sutures, monofilament benang operasi sterile dari Ethicon Inc.

Nurse reading
Nurse in uniform reading a book to elderly sick patient lying in bed in hospice and suffering from pain


1. 70cm
2. Violet
3. Taper Point
4. RB-1
5. 1/2C
6. (Needle 17mm|17mm|Single Needle 17mm}
7. Urologycal
8. Beli per Bx/36Pc Rp. 4.610.100
9. Contact Now WA Fast Respond 0811945609 
10. Pembelian akan disertai Invoice dan faktur pajak

V5.0 VCP303 H
V5.0 VCP303 H


Coated VICRYL 5 0 Plus Antibacterial (polyglactin 910) Suture VCP303H

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